Dates of Council Meetings for 2022-23

Meetings are EITHER held in Llanferres Village Hall or by GoTo Meetings Video Conference and start at 7.30 pm

Please check Public Notice and Agenda for confirmation of each meeting

It is the Councils intention to hold Multi-Location meetings as soon as it has the facility to do so

January: Thursday 13th
February: Thursday 10th
March: Thursday 17th
April: Thursday 14th
May: Thursday 12th
June: Tuesday 7th
July: Thursday 14th
September: Thursday 8th
October: Thursday 13th
November: Thursday 10th
December: Thursday 8th
Jan-23: Thursday 12th
Feb-23: Thursday 9th
Mar-23: Thursday 9th

Dates of Council Meetings for 2023-24

Meetings are either held in Llanferres Village Hall with remote access available via Teams video conference facilities or Teams video conferencing and start at 7.30pm.

Please refer to the Public Notice and Agenda published at least 3 days before each meeting on the Council’s website www.llanferrescommunitycouncil.org and noticeboards around the area, for confirmation of how each meeting will be held.

January: Thursday 12th

February: Thursday 9th

March: Thursday 9th

April: Thursday 13th

May: Thursday 11th

June: Tuesday 8th

July: Thursday 13th


September: Thursday 14th

October: Thursday12th

November: Thursday 9th

December: Thursday 14th

January 2024: Thursday 11th

February 2024: Thursday 8th

March 2024: Thursday 14th