Do you want to have influence in your community? If so, why not consider becoming a Councillor for Llanferres Community Council?

Make a Difference

The Council can only be as effective and relevant as the councillors running it so if you are passionate about your local community, you can make a huge difference by:

  • representing residents’ views
  • ensuring the community receives the services it needs to prosper
  • influencing Welsh Government and Denbighshire County Councils decisions affecting the Llanferres area and its people
  • using your skills and contributing to how decisions are made and issues dealt with

What’s Involved

The council meets every second Thursday of each month except August, in Llanferres village hall. The Clerk circulates correspondence during the course of the month and sends out the agenda for each meeting with supporting documents, prior to each meeting giving Councillors time to read and consider the business to be conducted. Meetings usually last between one and two hours and you can either attend in person or via the video conferencing facility.

You can become a Councillor if you are:

A British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of any member state of the European Union or a qualifying foreign citizen; are 18 years of age or over; and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. registered as a local government elector in the Llanferres area; or
  2. have lived in the area as an owner or tenant of land or premises during the last 12 months; or
  3. your principal or only place of work has been in the area during the last 12 months  or
  4. you have lived within 4.8 kilometres (3 miles) of the outer boundary of the area for the last 12 months

Certain people are disqualified from standing, and these include paid officers of the community council, anyone subject to bankruptcy restriction orders and those subject to recent prison sentences.

If you are interested, please contact the Clerk by

Tel: 01352 810735 or Email: clerk.llanferres@gmail.com

Banner showing children's drawings

Pictures have been drawn by local children and represent their views of the area

This website is designed with Accessibility in mind and contains documents from April 2020 onwards. Records prior to this date are available on request. We hope you find the information you are looking for, if not, please contact the Clerk who will assist in whatever way she can. Also, if you see any errors or omissions please let us know and we will endeavour to rectify them as soon as possible.

Llanferres Community Council is a voluntary organisation set up by statute. It is run by elected and co-opted Members who act on behalf of residents in the area covered by the Council.

The role of the Council is to provide a voice for residents in the development and delivery of public services provided by Denbighshire County Council, maintain local amenities and facilitate the delivery of local projects.

In summary we:

  • Hold monthly meetings to discuss national and local activities that could impact the community. We will investigate and try to resolve any matters and concerns raised. Members of the public can attend and address the Council at the beginning of each meeting.
  • Review Planning Applications and respond to Denbighshire County Council.
  • Post public information on notice boards in the area and on this website.
  • Maintain local amenities (parks, playing fields, open spaces, noticeboards, bus shelters, memorial stones and public seats) in accordance with the Councils obligations.
  • Ensure the annual budget (precept) includes funding for any ‘special projects’ identified and agreed by the Community Council.

The villages covered by the Council include Llanferres, Maeshafn, Tafarn-y-Gelyn, Cadole and Pant Du

The villages are all located in Denbighshire, North Wales within the Clwydian Range, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The heather-clad hills of the Clwydian Range reward the adventurer with scenic landscapes, dramatic summits, ancient hillforts and incredible views.

A Google Map has been embedded on this page and is a 3rd party provided service and may not be fully accessible. If you require further help with getting location information please contact us.

Visit Local Places of Interest

Top left is photograph of Loggerheads Country Park

Top centre is sign at entrance to Moel Famau Country Park

Top right is view from top of Moel Findeg

Bottom left is woodland walk through Loggerheads Country Park

Bottom centre is beacon at the top of Jubilee Tower on Moel Famau

Bottom right is link to further information on the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB